Communion through the Word of God

Communion through the Word of God

Communion through the Word of God



Every moment tells a tale of historical significance; however, some moments take on Epic proportions. This Covid Pandemic is one of them.

Years from now, the significance of our time with Covid will not only be measured by social changes and the growth dependency of technological communications, but by an evolved human condition; physically and psychologically.

What exciting times in which we live!

We are reminded of how important human interaction is, and indeed how important our fellow parishioners and all the faithful are to one another. Sometimes we are the friends bringing one another on a stretcher to Christ and sometimes the one on the stretcher needing to be carried to Christ.

The need to be carried is as life-giving to the carrier as the carrier is to the cripple.

The communion over zoom between the parishioners here at St Carthage’s in Parkville has been a sign of Christ living amongst us. It has become a vital portal through which we are fed the word of God and by which we stay in touch.

Addition 20/03/2022 – We now currently continue to walk the faith journey face to face, thanks be to God. All are welcome to attend the resumed Parish Masses.