2nd October 2022- Celebrating Brigid and Carthage

2nd October 2022- Celebrating Brigid and Carthage

Sun 2 Oct 2.30pm St Carthage’s, 123 Royal Parade, Parkville.

Brigid and Carthage (also known as Mochuda) were saints of early medieval Ireland whose particular charism in preaching the Gospel included welcoming lepers and those considered as outsiders in society. This presentation celebrates their achievement through readings, poetry and music.

Readings are presented by Constant Mews and Chris Watson, retired academics from Monash and La Trobe Universities respectively, who have written about their research into these saints of early medieval Ireland and their influence in Australia. Irish music will be provided by Cath Connelly, a renowned Celtic harper, and Maryna Mews in Irish song.


  Event Outcome 

Last Sunday Constant Mews and Chris Watson delivered a wonderful presentation


 with an accompaniment of live Celtic music played by Cath Connelly on the harp and Maryna Mews on vocals.






We were introduced to the history behind St Carthage’s Church

Emersed into rather entertaining Mochuda poetry,






Captivated by a briefing on a Patriarchal St Brigid,

And inspired by beautiful Celtic hymns.

We were generously encouraged by Cath to give her Harp a burl,

Despite our  incompetence the sound, surprisingly remained beautifully angelic,


and we shared a lovely afternoon together.


Sincere thanks to all parishioners who shared in this inspiring event.

I am sure all who were present can agree it was well worth the wait.




Thank you, Constant and Chris, for the dedicated work placed into the presentation and providing a most enjoyable afternoon gathering in honour of our Patron Saint Carthage and Saint Brigid.