Please call the office on 7036 9393 or email for reservations and a brief meeting with Fr Joe.


Confession bookings are welcome and can be offered on Saturdays prior to the Vigil Mass. This sacrament is also offered as part of the sacramental program for First Communion and Confirmation candidates.

Latest News on the Sacramental Program for 2024.

Please click on the link below to access information on sacraments for 2024

All future registrations can proceed with the presentation of baptism certificates, and for confirmation students also a first communion certificate.

For families outside the Parish zone of St Carthage’s, we ask that you produce a letter of consent by your local Parish Priest, simply explaining to them the reasons you choose to have the sacrament done outside your own parish. (Once again, regardless of whether or not you have lost touch with them).

Further information will be provided to all families who have asked to be placed on the contact list.

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Initial Correspondence for 2024 Sacramental Program

Reconciliation / First Holy Communion & Confirmation 

Sacramental Program

Enrolments for the 2024 St Carthage’s Sacramental Program

General Information

Due to our Parish relying solely on volunteers, we are happy to place any interested candidates on our contact list for 2024.  This is for Sacraments of First Communion (inclusive of Reconciliation) and/or Confirmation.

Please be aware that each year our program can alter according to the volunteer catechists at the time. This is a process and no certainty can be placed around the program nor dates until volunteers step forward, review past programs, establish the program for the year and finally to agree on dates that will suit all catechists involved and Fr Joe.

At each step of the process news will be updated on this post. However, if you have added yourself to the contact list by emailing your child’s name, sacrament to be completed and contact number to you will also be personally notified of all updates as they occur. You will receive a brief reply to confirm you are on the list. In the meantime, it is also up to individual families to remain updated via our website in this section.

We happily welcome all who are seeking a Christ-centered journey of faith, and understand that St Carthage’s for many is a choice for various sentimental reasons. Nevertheless it is advised in the interim for added certainty to first enquire at your local Parish (regardless of whether or not you have lost touch with them). You may find your local parish to have a well pre-established program that serves you better in its close proximity to your family; a church that is easily accessible for the important ongoing and lifelong nourishment of the sacraments, whereby Christ makes known his power and love for every individual.