Please call the office on 7036 9393 or email for reservations and a brief meeting with Fr Joe.


Confession bookings are welcome and can be offered on Saturdays prior to the Vigil Mass. This sacrament is taught as part of the sacramental program offered for First Communion and Confirmation.

First Holy Communion & Confirmation 

If you wish to be contacted when a date and program has been confirmed, please email your contact details to It will be a combined sacramental program offered 1 hour per week for approximately 6-8 weeks.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: These sacraments require a catechism program offered in the parish. This program requires a call on volunteer parishioners and pre-planning, both of which are still underway.

Whilst we happily welcome all who are seeking a Christ-centred journey of faith, and understand that St Carthage’s for many is a choice for various sentimental reasons, it is advised in the interim for those seeking to complete a sacrament this year that you first enquire at your local parish. This may not only serve for the purpose of entering a well pre-established program but serves in it’s locality; a church that is easily accessible for the important ongoing and lifelong nourishment of the sacraments, whereby Christ makes known his power and love for every individual.

N.B:  Should your enquiry remain for St Carthage’s, if/when a sacramental program is established, there will be three documents that will be asked of you; A letter of consent from your local Parish Priest, The Candidate’s Baptism certificate and First communion certificate.