Parish updates: AGM, Parish Pastoral Council, Finance Report

Parish updates: AGM, Parish Pastoral Council, Finance Report

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Where parishioner’s donations are applied at St Carthage’s

The generosity of parishioners enables the parish to function and contribute to the wider support of other parishes unable to support priests.

The donations or Givings Program is divided into two accounts.  The Church account supports the church and presbytery and the general running of the parish and the Presbytery account supports the living expenses and stipend for Fr Joe to carry out his mission for the parish. 12.5% of the Presbytery account supports priests in parishes unable to support their own priests and a further 12.5% go to support retired priests of the Archdiocese.

At St Carthage’s the donations through the traditional cash plate collection during Mass supports the Presbytery Account. The traditional envelope collections are allocated either to the Presbytery Account or the Church Account as decided by the donor.

The balance of the Givings Program is by direct credit card, direct debit or EFT. The majority of parishioners who support St Carthage’s this way, allocate their donations to the Church account.

For every dollar of your support for the Church account approximately $0.46 is for administration, $0.32 for property maintenance and $0.11 for liturgy costs. Any surplus funds provide for special projects such as the recently upgraded grounds and toilets and improvements to church services and maintenance.

We will soon have the ability to “tap and go” for donations, recognising many people prefer cashless transactions since COVID. If you wish to support the parish please contact Leanne at

Finance Council

Official closure to 5pm Mass at St Carthage's