AGM May 2021

AGM May 2021

AGM for 2022

St Carthage’s Parish Annual General Meeting

Sunday 27 March 11am (after 10am mass)
If you have items you wish to place on the agenda, please send a message by Mon 21 March to the Pastoral Council Chair,



AGM – 2021

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people the traditional custodians of the land on which we are gathered. We celebrate their continuing culture and their care for this land over many generations.

We pray today with faith and hope for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and ourselves that God’s mercy and justice will present in our lives, our communities, and in the heart of our nation.

We commit ourselves to work with them for reconciliation, recognition and justice.


  • Minutes of Previous AGM
  • Report from the St Carthage’s Parish Council Chair



Jonathan Clayton

Carmel Frost

Jack Rendle

Rosemary Sheehan

Michael Pirotta, representative from the Finance Committee

  1. Previous Minutes: The Parish voted to accept the Proposal by Kent Perdisat that the Finance Committee report to the Parish Council; that the Finance Committee meet quarterly.  Tabled and accepted updated terms of reference.  These have been carried out and the Constitutions amended accordingly.
  2. The proposal by John Drennan was carried out in part, namely grammatical corrections to the Constitutions. John will later make another Proposal.
  3. And that there be an audit of the Parish Accounts.

Carried over from the last AGM are the following suggestions which may be considered as the restrictions are lifted:

for a Social Justice Working Group,

an Interfaith Dialogue Working Group,

more social and family engagement within the Parish.

If anyone wishes to be part of or establish one of these groups, please let me know.

This Annual General Meeting of the Parish was delayed due to the Pandemic and resultant lockdown of the Church. When permitted to open, the numbers allowed in the Church were limited, which did not allow for a fair representation of members who wished to attend. It was then rescheduled so as not to clash with the Easter services and First Communions.

  • Activities of the Council:

As requested at the last AGM, a representative of the Parish Council be an ex officio member of the Finance Committee, thus Sr Heather Weedon has been attending the Finance Committee meetings.

As the Church was in lockdown for the greater part of 2020, Parish Council met via ZOOM to continue the work involved. Fr Michael responded to the proposal to contact isolated and vulnerable people in parish who would welcome a phone call.  Fr Michael looked through the Parish database and contacted approx 12-15 people who were appreciative of a phone call.

Members of the Parish Council who have retired since the previous AGM:

Trish McNamara: We thank her for her long contribution to the Council since September 2017;

Berise Heasly, who also served from September 2017, resigned in May 2020, and we thank her for her long-time commitment to the Parish;

Gerard Barns joined us and generously took on the role of Child Safety Officer for the Council.

We are very grateful for their generosity and contribution to the Council.

We welcomed Carmel Frost and Jonathan Clayton onto the Council, and thank them for accepting to take up the roles.

Parish Council Meetings

 The Parish Council met approximately every four weeks via ZOOM, beginning with a prayer or a reflection, then discussed matters arising. Our concerns were that there would be no Masses and therefore no collections during the lockdown, and thus Fr Michael would not be receiving a sufficient income. The Finance Committee arranged for Job Keeper to cover the various expenses. (Food, gas, electricity, petrol….)

We thank Fr Michael and Parishioner, Professor Roger Rassool, for the welcome initiative of making Gospel Reflections available whilst the Church could not be used. These Reflections continued each week until the Church was permitted to be opened at the beginning of Advent, 2020. The inclusion of various Parishioners in the videos was a welcome move. Feedback from many of you and others who logged onto the site from around Australia and overseas was that they were thankful for the initiative, and highly praised it.

Funding raising for St Vincent De Paul Conference and their important work within the Parish and beyond was carried out via the Parish Website and contact with those parishioners who had given their email address to the Parish Secretary.

St V de Paul income is down due to not having winter appeal.  St V de P received much less than usual, around $10K, from both winter and Christmas appeals.

Fr Michael proposed to commence Masses in church on weekend of 28/29 Nov.

Considerable effort went into negotiating for a venue for the Christmas Masses, as the numbers permitted in the Church were still very limited (110).

Thanks to Fr Michael for arranging the Christmas Masses at St Mary’s University College – 6 Masses so that everyone could attend while keeping a safe distance.

Thanks too to Jonathan Clayton for arranging the chairs, Roger and Anne Rassool for helping with the arrangements and the music. Even the Crib was set up at St Mary’s.

Thanks to the Volunteers who were overseeing at the signing in and use of hand sanitizer before all the Masses. It appears this will be required to continue for some months yet. It has kept us all safe while still being able to gather for the Eucharist.

First Holy Communion and Confirmation were able not to be held in 2020, but First Holy Communion was permitted in early this year, with limited numbers permitted in the Church. This was catered for by the number of Masses being increased: two Sundays preparation and then six Masses to permit all new communicants to be with their family members.

Other Parish events were not permitted in 2020, such as the Parish Dinner and the Trivia Night. Hopefully these events will be held later in the year.

We have also missed out on our Spirituality in the Pub, our well-liked gathering.

We were able to have the launch of a book edited by Berise Heasly and John Darcy May, with contributions by various Parishioners and others: “We Too. The Laity Speak”. Thank you to them all for their reflections and suggestions for life in the Church, and their contributions to the faith development of our Parish and beyond.

The various parish groups were unable to meet regularly, and are starting to re-group again after almost a year.

We wish them every blessing on their reflections.

We give very special thanks our Parish Priest, Fr. Michael, for his creative way of continuing to minister to us and to so many others beyond the Parish during a very disrupted year 2020, and up to now.

We thank Fr. Michael for his dedication as Parish Priest here at St Carthage’s, for his welcome and openness to all comers, his homilies based on a deep appreciation of biblical scholarship, and for his promotion of a music-rich liturgy.

We thank the group who produced the Tribute Book for Michael: Morag Fraser, Dennis Green, Richard Olive, and myself.
We wish Michael every blessing, health and happiness in his retirement.

Dr. Heather Weedon,


St Carthage’s Parish Council.

  1. May, 2021.
  • Finance Committee report given by the Chair, Michael Pirotta.
    1. Fr Michael’s report: Sincere thanks to parishioners who “kept the show on the road.”  Initiatives have continued as we had a generous group of people who continued to contribute to parish life.  An audit was requested and this took place.  Thank you to Michael Pirotta for all his work in preparing for this.
    2. Fr Joe Caddy was welcomed as the new Parish Priest and invited to speak: Very happy to facilitate meeting and look at planning for future directions.
    3. Submission from Richard Curtain
  1. Thanked Fr Michael Elligate for his dedication as PP, welcoming nature, homilies and visiting artists program.
  2. Ask Fr Joe Caddy to facilitate a meeting for parishioners to explore future directions. This is set for 30 May 2021 (delayed due to lockdowns)
  3. Criteria for new pastoral associate, what form of communication can we set up to inform all parishioners.

Seconded by Rosemary Sheehan and Maryna Mews.

 1. Submission from John Drennan: deferred as he was to address concerns re the Constitution but this had been put into abeyance.