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Endorsement of Palms Program

In January you can prepare for mission at home or abroad.

Palms Australia has trained Australians to live and work within cultures and communities overseas since 1961.  Now four days of that training will be available for parishioners interested to assist harness the diverse gifts of our community and make it stronger.

At Home

Palms’ Neighbours Without Borders program (January 7 – 11) will “focus on building communities that are welcoming to all, with particular attention to those on the margins of society and the church” as urged by the recent Plenary Council.


Completing a further four days (January 12 – 15) will prepare you to meet one of the many requests Palms has from communities in Africa, Asia and the Pacific who need educators; health professionals; administrators and others to assist build on the strengths of their people who otherwise have little opportunity for training.

Enquire about Palms Orientation for mission via or call 02 9560 533 or 0422 472 567.

Palms Program - Letter by Most Rev Comensoli